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Professor Dr. Anwarul Karim

Dr. Anwarul Karim, born in 1937, embarked on his educational journey that began at Jhenidah English School (1945-47). His academic path led him through St. Joseph High School in Khulna (1949) and Tejgaon Polytechnic High School (1950-1954), culminating in the completion of his Matriculation at Jessore Zila School in 1955. He continued his pursuit of knowledge at Kushtia College in 1957. His academic journey reached new heights with an M.A. in English in 1962 and a Ph.D. in 1977, specializing in the Bauls of Bangladesh. Dr. Karim’s quest for learning also extended to post-doctoral studies at Harvard University’s Divinity School in the USA in 1985.
Throughout his illustrious career, Professor Dr. Anwarul Karim distinguished himself as a pioneering folklorist, researcher of Tagore, Baul, and Nazrul, and a highly respected educator. Over the span of six decades, starting in 1962, he devoted his life to teaching, serving as a teacher, professor, and principal in Government Colleges. His educational journey reached a pinnacle in 1966 when he retired as a Senior Principal at Kushtia Government College.
Subsequently, Dr. Karim embarked on a new chapter by joining Islamic University in Kushtia as a Supernumerary Professor in English. His outstanding contributions earned recognition as he assumed various roles, including Treasurer and Vice Chancellor (Assigned). He further served as Vice Chancellor (In-charge), Pro Vice Chancellor, and Dean at Northern University in Bangladesh, holding affiliations in Khulna and Dhaka.

Sultana Afroz

Vice Chairperson
With more than three decades of professional experience, Sultana Afroz has steadily advanced into senior roles, encompassing leadership, management, strategic planning, partnership building, priority setting, negotiation, and consensus-building. Her career spans both domestic and international arenas, with roles in various ministries, divisions, and field administration within the Government of Bangladesh.
Sultana Afroz holds a Post-Graduate Master’s degree in Public Administration from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government in the USA and a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of Dhaka in Bangladesh. She has actively pursued specialized training courses, both locally and internationally, covering diverse areas such as public policy, governance, service delivery, negotiation, capacity building, inclusive growth, SDGs, women empowerment, agriculture, food security, water resource management, disaster management, universal health coverage, and climate change.
Throughout her career, she has accumulated substantial experience in planning, organizing, and executing national, regional, and international conferences, technical consultations, meetings, and training workshops. She has collaborated within multi-disciplinary teams comprising experts from diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. Additionally, she excels in preparing reports and policy briefs tailored for high-level policymakers and government officials, focusing on development, governance, food security, agriculture, and rural infrastructure development.
Her extensive portfolio includes extensive collaboration on projects and programs with UN agencies, bilateral and multilateral donors, International Financial Institutions (IFIs), NGOs, and civil society organizations.

Shams Al Mujaddid

Executive Director
Shams Al Mujaddid’s professional journey has been marked by a rich tapestry of experiences. His expertise in development management shines through his adeptness in assessing program and project performance across critical sectors. A significant part of his career has revolved around spearheading development partnership initiatives, entailing the evaluation and coordination of bilateral and multilateral economic cooperation endeavors.
Moreover, Shams has been an active contributor to policy reviews and the execution of government decisions, with a specific focus on enhancing service delivery mechanisms for rural and urban areas alike. As a government representative at the grassroots level, he has played a pivotal role in addressing and resolving social development challenges. Over the years, he has not only overseen but also mentored staff at various organizational echelons, fostering a harmonious and productive work environment. His adept negotiation and communication skills have been evident in his credible leadership during national events. This diverse array of experiences underscores his versatile proficiency in development management, policy implementation, social issue resolution, staff supervision, and event coordination.
With a career spanning more than three decades within the government of Bangladesh, Shams Al Mujaddid has consistently showcased exceptional capabilities across a broad spectrum of managerial and technical roles. His skill set encompasses expert-level program and project management, efficient policy formulation and direction, and successful collaboration with NGOs and developmental partners. Throughout his tenure, he has skillfully orchestrated teams, managed budgets with precision, and maintained unwavering financial integrity. His competencies span various domains, including the skillful navigation of non-formal education initiatives and the leadership of successful land rehabilitation projects.
With a solid foundation in policy steering, team leadership, and the optimal allocation of resources, Shams has consistently delivered impactful results. His influence extends both nationally and globally, as he has assumed pivotal roles that enabled him to make substantial contributions across diverse sectors within Bangladesh.

Md. Omar Farabi


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